TV Stand

Ultimate Entertainment System Setup

What a lovely giant OLED TV you have! But it’s not good sat on the floor, is it? Doesn’t quite have the same gravitas when it’s stood at your feet rather than raised up on high, as any shrine to the gods of Hollywood should be.

Thin and light TVs have made wall hanging a television far easier than it once was, but unless you’re going for a snazzy Samsung QLED set with their cable tidying One Connect boxes, they can still look a little unsightly on a wall. And that’s before considering getting the toolbox out and drilling into your walls to hang it.

So hunting down a worthy TV stands is still a prime concern for movie fans, not just in terms of hiding all your connections away, but also to fit in with your home decor – and if you’re bringing home anything bigger than a 40-inch television, you may be hard pressed for space as it is.

We’ve scoured the wares of some of our favorite tech and furniture retailers to recommend what we think are the most lush-looking, or conveniently-designed TV stands out there. While we’ve not had hands-on time with these items, they’re either from reputable, fashionable retailers, or come very highly recommended according to customer review data.

For the most part here we’ve stuck with stands able to support the standard large-sized TVs (between 55- and 65-inch) on the market, but do make sure to check your TV will comfortable sit on these pieces before splashing the cash.

What to Consider

As for the basics, if you already have a TV or plan to buy a new one, you’ll need to find a stand with the right dimensions. In addition to length and width, pay extra attention to height to ensure your TV will be at the appropriate eye level. Maximum weight capacity is important too, so be sure to take extras into account, like sound bars, gaming consoles, and other electronics, or decorative pieces or books that you’re planning to display.

Consoles are generally built to hold TVs 40 inches or less, all the way up to 80-inch sets. Most are rectangular or square, but there are also corner TV stands, which can work well in rooms without a ton of wall space, plus there are floating consoles that are great space-savers. If you want an extra cozy vibe in your living room, there are also fireplace TV stands on the market.